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We are a Social Media Marketing and Management company with over 10 years of experience helping businesses with brand exposure. We develop and manage social media strategies for all businesses on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.. In addition, we are able to advertise and market your business digitally and traditionally.  We know how to get your brand noticed, engaged, and getting results!

A few things we’re great at

Social Media Marketing

We understand the online buying cycle and how customers maneuver through it and ultimately make purchasing decisions. We are experienced in creating targeted and quality content that will attract, engage and convert potential customers who are aligned with your business goals and outcomes. Our experience traverses all of the big social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, etc..


Social Media Management

Effectively managing all the aspects of your company’s Social Media is a full-time job! Understanding which platforms to use, what/when to make a post, and engaging with your community is crucial to your brand’s exposure and customer loyalty. We can develop and execute a successful Social Media strategy that will connect your business to the right audience and Social Media platforms for meaningful and relevant engagement!


Our Awesome Team

Remember that old saying about Quality over Quantity? No truer words could be spoken of the Denuo team! Our team has the experience and know how to get the results you expect. We have a broad range of experience in Marketing and Social Media. We have been doing both for a long time!

Stephanie Bialas

President & CEO

Stephanie is Denuo’s version of Steve Jobs!  She is what makes Denuo so Awesome and Unique.  Her passion and vision are what inspires the team to make each customer experience incredible!  Stephanie loves to spend time with her family, reality shows and talking about things she knows a lot about!

Bill Bialas

Technology Director

Bill has had his hand in some form of technology for over 20 years.  He has worked in hardware/software implementations as well as application/web development and is an integral part of ensuring there is little or no downtime at Denuo!  Bill is all about fitness, TV and sleep!

Thelma Jones

Social Media Director

Thelma directs the Social Media implementation team and is involved from beginning to end of each implementation! She knows the platforms and tools and ensures we get the most ROI for our clients. We think she rocks! Thelma loves dogs, camping, and going to RV shows!

Ben Bialas

Analytics and Support

Ben is an aspiring entrepreneur and has a good understanding of data and reporting. Ben uncovers the details of data and makes it all seem so easy to understand! Ben is an avid reader and game player!

Brandon Knapp

Digital Content Specialist

Brandon is our content creator and specialist as he can create content for just about anything! He knows how to craft a good story and to get you invested in what he is telling you. Brandon’s biggest passion is sports and is also a sports writer for so if you are into the Detroit Lions, go check out some of his work there too!

Nick Roy

Digital Media Specialist

Nick has always had a hobby of designing video and still artworks! As a Digital Media Specialist, his creativity and skill set is what blows you away and makes the product “pop” out at you when you see it. When he isn’t nose-deep in his computer, Nick enjoys watching shows or playing video games.

Ryan Thomas

Digital Media Specialist

Ryan has been fascinated with creativity and technology from a very young age and has always been committed to putting his own spin on the two. His ability to create eye-catching designs as well as his personal tastes combine to create content that goes just over the top. In his spare time, Ryan likes to read, watch TV, and play music.

Social Media Articles

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